Founded  by  designer  Don  Long,  Restaurant  Designs,  Inc.  is among  a  
handful  of  design  firms  that  specialize  in  the  restaurant and  hospitality  
industry,  we  work  directly  with  the  client  from conceptual  design  to  
the  “opening”  day.

Restaurant Designs, Inc. caters to the client who is
conscience and aware of his or her budget
limitations. We can fulfill the dreams of a client
without over designing. Value conscience
design and creativity is why we have been a
leader in the food service industry for 40

Restaurant Designs, Inc. handles all aspects
of the design process from working drawings
to media boards and renderings for both interiors
and exteriors so that the client will understand and
be able to visualize the project in its entirety.

We work on large projects but our core business is working with start-up “first timers” or single operators that need to get

open and stay within a reasonable budget.

We are passionate about helping open restaurants for those special clients who have a dream and vision of owning their
own business. You don’t have to be one of those “big guys” to be successful in the restaurant industry.

Creativity, smart design and a successful blend of our talents assures the success of our clients no matter how large or
small the project is!
SINCE 1964